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Commercial Roofing 

Cox Roofing provides the best service and highest quality materials for commercial roofing 


Cox roofing the leading commercial roofing contractor in Denver Colorado. Cox roofing offers commercial roof installation, Commercial roof repairs, commercial roof replacement, and maintenance services. With over 45 years of experience in the commercial roofing industry, we offer the highest level of craftsmanship and quality materials at an affordable price. we are well-versed in all types of commercial roofing types and go above and beyond to provide the best customer service. Cox Roofing has a team of certified roofing professional, that work to deliver the best results for you and your commercial roofing projects. 







Commercial Roofing Installation

The team at cox roofing provides certified roofing systems on all commercial roofing projects. We are licensed and certified with many different manufactures of commercial roofing systems. Cox Roofing commercial roofing systems are built to last. Choosing the proper type of material is important, but the roof installation of a new commercial roofing system is the most important aspect in the commercial roofing process. 

Commercial Roofing Inspection

A complete commercial roof inspection is very important after a storm and damage is suspected. The roof inspection process includes walking the entire commercial roof to look for leaks, wind damage, hail damage or prior improper installation techniques. During the roof inspection all aspects of the roof will be inspected including the membrane, penetrations, flashing, vents drainage etc.  It is also important to complete a commercial roof inspection to check for debris, ponding or pooling or other such issues. Doing a proper roof inspection and identify issues with the current roofing system and avoid costly leaks and problems in the future

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Cox Roofing offers commercial roof maintenance. Roof maintenance can extend the life of a commercial roof. A new roof installation will be delayed if proper roof maintenance is performed regularly throughout the life of the roof.  Roof maintenance includes full roof inspection of all the components, seam testing, flashing repairs, Debris removal, Un clogging drains, apply roof coatings. Commercial roof maintenance will prolong the life of your current roof and will ensure it is ready to defend against future weather 

Commercial Roof Repairs

A full Commercial roof replacement is not always the right choice and can cost a lot of money. There are times a roof can be repaired instead of replacing your entire commercial roofing system, saving you money. Then at Cox roofing are trained roofing experts and can find the leaks and detect issues with your current Commercial roofing system. Our team can make the a variety of  repairs and giving you an alternative to a full roof replacement and a more cost effective solution to your commercial roofing needs. We can do complete repairs on any type of commercial roofing project and materials, 

Commercial Roof Restoration 

One of specialities is roof restoration. The staff at Cox Roofing provides very best customer service in the commercial roofing industry. Storms can cause damage to your commercial roofing system, it is important that you hire a trusted roofing company. As a trusted roofing contractor Cox Roofing will walk you through the entire insurance and commercial roof restoration process. Our team at Cox Roofing has helped our clients handle thousands of insurance claims. Cox Roofing is always looking out for the best interest of its clients.

Commercial Roofing Materials

Cox Roofing specializes in installing a variety of Commercial roofing types including:


Take advantage of the commercial roofing services that Cox Roofing offers by filling out the contact form below or give us a call at g 303-505-5571 We are the roofing company you can trust for commercial roof installation, commercial roof repairs, and commercial roof replacements in Denver, Colorado 

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This is a picture of a house with a new roofing system installed by Cox Roofing, The new roof is brown, there is also a metal roof in the picture that is brown, the metal roof is standing seam, the roof is streep, the roof is a gable roof, the roof have many facets the roof is drainging down to the gutters,

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